The new schedule: regularity

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it’s a time for some selections in lifestyle. I have always been the one who almost goes
around the clock. Computers can be fascinating to the extreme, although many consider
them as tools, text editors, communicators, and mostly in the role that computers actually
did a break-through in the 1970s: calculators.

With regularity I want to achieve things which weren’t possible with the previous,
prevalent lifestyle. By regularity I mean getting up at around the same time, be it 8 sharp, 7:30
or 7:00. It’s a challenge especially here in Finland, where the natural lights are going deeper
into the darkness as the mid winter approaches. Shopping malls (maybe with gyms) were
probably one of the first places where increased light was applied.

Can you picture this easily: a hacker stares at a blue, glowing screen, his face just slightly
illuminated. He stares the picture for hours on end, sips energy drinks, makes fast gestures
with the mouse hand, and engages in several communications at once? The room is decorated
with piles of computer science books, forming bridges, arches, and sometimes collapsing.
Yes; that’s the old picture.


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