Saab 9-1 automotive Linux (kernel)

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Days pass by. I’ve been interested in giving more shape to the Saab 9-1 automotive linux kernel, and
thinking also about the “AI” or reaction engine (part of software responsible for doing steering and signalling).

The Amox (that’s a nickname for the kernel so far) development project was just launched a couple of days ago. There’s a dedicated blog for the development, both to view as audience and also, to participate. People can and have been attached to the car project steadily. It’s fantastic to see what kind of energy can be sustained in a non-profit effort.

It’s quite winterish in Lohja. My daily walk is less than a kilometre to the city, but cold winds
blow hard. I’m getting a Internet connection on 2. December. Waiting for it so much. I’ve got all ready-to-go at home. Just waiting for that carrier.


Winter’s coming, @Lohja 2010

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Ho, ho, all!

A small improvement in the blog here is that when writing, the WordPress blogging engine along with a plug-in are looking for identifiable information pieces.

Note, there’s text below the wintery street!

First snow, 2010

My dashboard is the insider look at the Jukkasoft blog. The dashboard shows vital statistics, and enables me to edit articles, add or remove media (pictures, video), modify comments, create opinion polls into the blog, and do all the important stuff. I think the layout has performed in an excellent way during years.

Of course WordPress has undergone changes, and improvements, but it has never lost the great idea of being ready-to-use, simple, but generous and usable blog. The very first thing that made me completely fall in love with this blogging engine is that it was such easy to use.

I was studying Joomla! content management system at the time. Even though I wouldn’t put them directly on the same line, at least when I’m cutting corners and “just writing” with WordPress, I have to say that the latter took me by very positive surprise in usability. I think Matt’s had his moments with tweaking HTML, CSS and code, and then decided to make an impact. He’s the creator of WordPress tech.

Magic: location aware blog

The blog can also now recognize my physical, most probable address. It’s not the network card‘s binary address (MAC), but it’s really the one in which I am working right now.By the way, since it’s now mentioned, if you want to know more about the life of network cards, plugs, ports, security, and computer networks, take a look at my CCNA certification blog. It’s growing during the learning period, as I get more experience of Cisco theory and practise. Going to be certificating by 2011, probably in the spring.

You can see the address where this article was “pressed”. Here’s a pic of the snow storm beginning. The winter is here!

Cold regards this time,



Enjoy the silence! or: why does the office guy write?

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Do you recognize the following:


“Humptidum-diduu.. Aha.. Hmm.. Yeah. Mmm-ha.” (click click, click, click)

That’s the office man, in a psychological state of flow. You are manifesting your best side; you’re doing what is meaningful for yourself. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (a surname that drops most people out of flow, looking for a rote copy from a book, a www browser tab or equivalent) invented the term. Mihaly is an organizational psychologist, a researcher into the behaviour of people working usually in workplaces or other kind of organizations.

I’ve written about 200+ blog articles. At one time, the statistics told that the blog got about 3000-4000 views per month. I was positively surprised. But engagement is another thing; to really get comments, views, dialogue. It’s much harder. Many people still ask, why on earth should one be present in various social media, like Facebook, on blogs, on Twitter.

I think the answer is very simple: to enjoy. Writing is something that gives joy to people. And if you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need to express oneself is the highest needs. It comes basically when you have shelter, food, and companion. Then you’re prone to express, envision, ideate new things, discuss, and live the life of mental high society. I don’t consider high society to be something that needs diamonds and cash. It needs an attitude and some time to spare.