Enjoy the silence! or: why does the office guy write?

Do you recognize the following:


“Humptidum-diduu.. Aha.. Hmm.. Yeah. Mmm-ha.” (click click, click, click)

That’s the office man, in a psychological state of flow. You are manifesting your best side; you’re doing what is meaningful for yourself. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (a surname that drops most people out of flow, looking for a rote copy from a book, a www browser tab or equivalent) invented the term. Mihaly is an organizational psychologist, a researcher into the behaviour of people working usually in workplaces or other kind of organizations.

I’ve written about 200+ blog articles. At one time, the statistics told that the blog got about 3000-4000 views per month. I was positively surprised. But engagement is another thing; to really get comments, views, dialogue. It’s much harder. Many people still ask, why on earth should one be present in various social media, like Facebook, on blogs, on Twitter.

I think the answer is very simple: to enjoy. Writing is something that gives joy to people. And if you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need to express oneself is the highest needs. It comes basically when you have shelter, food, and companion. Then you’re prone to express, envision, ideate new things, discuss, and live the life of mental high society. I don’t consider high society to be something that needs diamonds and cash. It needs an attitude and some time to spare.

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