Captain’s Log, year 2000 and Info-Society development

Reading Time: 4 minutes Captain’s Log, 2000 supplemental: Finland Losing the Grip in Info-Society Development by Jukka Paulin (18 April 2000) This text is a historical reproduction, vis-a-vis from the year 2000 homepage writings. I was then a systems programmer on a Java security project, and blogging about the Possible Future scenarios in IT. Introduction I was purely amazed at theContinue reading “Captain’s Log, year 2000 and Info-Society development”

Captain’s Log 2006: establishing IT admin business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Captain’s Log, year 2006: supplemental establishing computer maintenance and administration business in Finland keywords: T:mi, toiminimi, Jukka, Paulin My email to a friend; I am living in Klaukkala, Finland, at the time. And just about having established my own sole proprietorship in the computer / security and software maintenance (administration) business. Those laptops sure areContinue reading “Captain’s Log 2006: establishing IT admin business”

Wavemon and lunch porridge!

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you’re tapping a new blog article with a little bit oily fingers, it’s bargaining concurrency versus need to clean up later. I’m doing it right now, though I finished my meal. Computer people are often (really?) neurotically tidy, what comes to the equipment (you can exclude hair from that, at least in my caseContinue reading “Wavemon and lunch porridge!”

On Learning – neuroscience view

Reading Time: 3 minutes About Learning During the fall 2001, when attending to Structure and Organization of Brain -course taught at Helsinki University of Technology, I decided to jot down some extra-curricular notes, or a learning diary. Learning is a fascinating yet still mysterious process. It can be viewed from a high abstraction point, where the pupils are testedContinue reading “On Learning – neuroscience view”

Historical dreams – mobile world in 2000

Reading Time: 3 minutes Crinus’ Mobile Dreams From work to centre of Helsinki to Airport I am blasting near Helsinki with my parents’ car, en route to the airport to deliver them this necessary piece of transportation. Frustrated with the sluggish pace of the traffic and the always-out-of-date information signs (yes, I’ve taken the hint from Helsinki: cars notContinue reading “Historical dreams – mobile world in 2000”

About WikiLeaks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wikileaks is, according to Wikipedia (the free online dictionary), an “international new media non-profit organization that publishes submissions of otherwise unavailable documents from anonymous news sources and leaks“. So basically WikiLeaks takes leads or stories or documents from anyone, does their best to do a fair anonymizing process, check the source credibility (truthfulness of the subject matter), andContinue reading “About WikiLeaks”

Kapteenin lokikirja, 2006: Tuokko ensiajatukset

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mietinpä tuossa ideaa kun aamu lähti seuraavasti käyntiin: – palauta DVD paikkaan Filmtown – palauta pullot, lähin kauppa joka hyväksyy ne (ja tölkit myös mielellään) – vie lompakko vaimolle Mitä jos kartalle laitettaisiin palvelujen kuvauskielellä vähän enemmänkin tietoa erilaisista palveluista? Palveluitahan on varmaan kymmeniä-, jollei satojatuhansia erilaisia. Niille voisi kehittää jonkin yhtenäisen frameworkin. * palveluContinue reading “Kapteenin lokikirja, 2006: Tuokko ensiajatukset”