Captain’s Log 2006: establishing IT admin business

Captain’s Log, year 2006: supplemental
establishing computer maintenance and administration business in Finland

keywords: T:mi, toiminimi, Jukka, Paulin

My email to a friend; I am living in Klaukkala, Finland, at
the time. And just about having established my own
sole proprietorship in the computer / security and software
maintenance (administration) business.

Those laptops sure are nice toys to have around, but one
big grime: the cables! In order to configure a working set
of hardware, you suddenly have at least 10-15 meters of
different kinds of cables! A webcam, broadband modem, mouse,
external keyboard, power cables, the printer… I already
noticed this when my sister was taking home her work laptop,
and setting it up took around 5-10 minutes per session.

The Etera mutual pension fund approached me based on my
action to establish a business. I have so far had about
three, four calls from different service providers regarding
various aspects of business. I am currently looking at a
map at home, and thinking about geographical positioning
in the markets. Cities around population 15,000 up to
metropolitan Helsinki (520,000) will be my prime targets.
In the east I will limit my reach to Porvoo, approximately
64 kilometers from here (Klaukkala).

I am looking for laptops in Gigantti and on the net. I want
the laptop to be equipped with as few wires as possible;
in normal use, only maximum the power cable, nothing else!

Competitors seem to be charging anything from 30 to 100
euros per hour. Fifty euros could be a fair start for
my own company. It makes no sense to dump prices down.
Dumping, in markets, means that one makes very cheap products
or services, and increases aggressively the market share,
but ultimately often ends up with a situation where it
is difficult to satisfy customer needs; and with diminishing

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