Towards the year-end my computing interests have been a bit of tit-and-dat.

I’ve developed quite a keen interest to finally resolve how to make 3-D graphics (on Linux).

Though it does seem a little bit kinky project, I try to remain stubborn enough to get some kind of object rotating on my screen. The past 10 years have seen GPUs increase their performance and features almost like in a fairy tale. Graphics cards can draw up to about 2-3 billion polygons a second!

As a side-effect I might bump into GTK toolkit, which is a cross-platform graphics palette to do user interfaces in. Gnome (a Linux window manager) has the very elemental and original look of GTK.

I am reading the book about Facebook’s birth and short history. Facebook is a high-profile start-up, perhaps one of the highest profiles in the last 10 years.

(A good by-story, if you got time, is the 1:33hr video on Youtube, about The Facebook Effect)

Another project that I’ve been putting a little bit of time is recording using as a storage partner. The relatively new service offers a 1 gigabyte free space for anyone signing up. If you want to share your own experimental music, or just chat around, recording your speech, take a look at SoundCloud. I’ve found it very smooth and interesting. Oh, and by the way, for some reason ‘cheese’ (Linux webcam software) stopped seeing my in-built webcam hardware. I’m only getting a blank screen in the window frame where usually a live webcam picture appears. Digging into it..

Firefox 4 latest beta 8 is interesting. I downloaded the browser yesterday, and have been trying it out.

It’s been freezing in southern Finland. Today, -6F (-21 celsius). It felt baaaaaaad. I took a walk to the city, using – for some wicked reason, the aesthetic me – not the shortest path. At one point I understood my fingers were practically numb. I bought a pair of real fluffy and rugged gloves, specially for the winter times. They are really warm, love them. Seems every now and then a tight winter temperatures remind me of where I live. This is very north. Norway extends more north, but then there’s Finland as a second player (Greenland not accounted for!)

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