New Year 2011 – and plants!

Got a new green hobby. I started in last year, 2010, just before the turn of the year. 

I bought some plants to the house, as part of my re-decoration. It’s been quite grey and dull here, but no more!

The plants are really nice to have. Many researches in work psychology and well-being point out that plants are “good company” for us humans, especially when our environments tend to go clinically technological and man-made.

Plants take some care, which in turn makes the perfect relationship: when you give some, you get some. I now have a Brasbonitas Amaryllis, a cactus, and two very beautiful, blossoming plants called Kalanchoe (or Kalanchoë). The Kalanchoe are colorful, and have 9 to 10 clusters of buds. I think as the subject is plants, words are not enough. So, here goes, below is a bigger picture of the Kalanchoe flower:

a Kalanchoe plant

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