Stock simulator game (OMEN)

Virtual stock POS for private and institutionals using almost realtime peer data


People old and young want to learn a little bit of economics. There’s just little software to do it in a proper way. Thus Omen was born. It aims to grow into a handy tool for the beginning investor. Omen tracks instrument prices and enables people to train on it. It simulates the life of a stock trader.

– Fast-flip screens
– Multi-monitor (display) support
– Sales
– Fn keys
– Macros (recordable)
– Language extensions (Python, Lisp, Prolog)
– Runs on ordinary PC, within a virtual machine or natively
– Requires market data either from live feed or peer network

Samplers are signal sources that can be plugged in, turn on/off,damped, manipulated, weighed, etc. Samplers take samples from the real world or from other sources that the User wants.
Random source can be added as one specific Sampler. A random source is important in computations to distinguisha market drift’s underlying components from pure random movement.

Warnings are lights in the user interface that can be added,turned on/off, and put to trigger on any set of conditions; eg. a warning light in blue “SNOW” can be put to turn on whenever a particular Market is sliding into certain direction.

Market reslice (MS)– MS operation creates a virtual market by reslicing instruments from an existing market space; slices areused to scope possibilities in entering new grounds
– slices differ from actual portfolios in that theydo not hold actual historical value, but can be calculated back and estimated forward

Omen works as a daemon. Its input/output is bound to local devices (keyboard, mouse, pen, displays) and remote sources (network protocol support). It is lightweight program that contains the mathematical engine that crunches information relevant to an exchange Trader (the ‘User’). Omen uses only a minimal amount of memory and its performance characteristics are optimized not to waste machine CPU cycles. The kernel is exchangeable, thus is in the future a more efficient kernel is invented, Omen can use it.
I am currently working on calculating the power efficiency and capabilities, in terms of how much MIPS Omen needs to handle a certain amount of standard feed data, and how much plugin/slice architecture needs more.

central security depository
counterparty exposure
economy (an)
exchange (an)

Market Space
risk management
systemic risk
standardized processing (of instruments)


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