CoRP lottery: Computer product competition prediction

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today I started to think how do computer-related products (CoRP) actually fare in the markets? Why does one operating system grab market share from another? Why there’s a fanatic group of Mac OS X groupies? Why do people hate Windows, and why do some think it is the only possible choice? I’ve got some ad-hocContinue reading “CoRP lottery: Computer product competition prediction”

HiHat SSO shield

Reading Time: 2 minutes HiHat is a draft of a mechanism for increasing strength of existing single-sign on systems (SSO). It employs a queue algorithm to choose which servers it relies on. Each of the servers get equally mirrored with the salted password ciphertexts, that the user has. Web browser module that is running in protected memory space getsContinue reading “HiHat SSO shield”

Linux – teollisuushistorian essee

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jukka Paulin <mail_redacted> 30. huhtikuuta 1999 Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, Espoon Otaniemi (Aalto-yliopisto) Sisällysluettelo 1 .. Johdanto 2 .. Tietokoneiden lyhyt historia 3 .. Linuxin juuret 4 .. Linuxin vahvuudet 5 .. Linux nostetaan mediassa Microsoftin kaatajaksi 6 .. Avoimuuden periaate – ns. “open source” 7 .. Linuxin merkittävyys tekniikan jatkokehityksen kannalta 8 .. Kaupallisuutta kuitenkin tarvitaan – loppuyhteenveto     Johdanto Linux on PC-tietokoneilleContinue reading “Linux – teollisuushistorian essee”