Transpods and particle swarms?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Image via Wikipedia Particle swarm optimization is a mathematical/algorithmic mechanism that is used in science to simulate something which resembles the act of bees’ or other insects’ co-operation. Swarms do work. Particle swarms can also be used to describe the animation done for a computer rendered film. Swarm members obey simple rules – this is

on cybernetics, Ferdinand de Saussure and communication

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have two laptops at home. Many people have several computers for various reasons; redundancy, because of operating system choices, leasing machine from work, a PC for children separate from parent’s. If you use the computers side-by-side, I think it’s a bit like riding a two-animal sled: you get security and power from these. But

Truth and lies

Reading Time: 5 minutes I do not know what is “usual”, or common practise – regarding wits, intelligence, the suitability and social acceptance of one’s message, use of language, and so on. I do know that my own vocabulary and the extend of my use of swearing, especially when I’m disappointed in some facet of life, has burned bridges down. But I

Automaation paradoksi – huolto

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lähikaupassa silmiin osunut automaatti pisti mietteliääksi. Olin palauttamassa tyhjiä pulloja Tomraan. Laitteen viereen oli laitettu noin reilu metrin korkea pönttö. Aika pian selvisi, että se on käsihuuhteen annostelija. Laite antaa muutaman tipan hygienisoivaa nestettä, kun kädet laittaa annostelijan “sisään”. Laitteessa oli kaksi pientä LED-valoa: Error ja Working. Ajattelin: “Voi ei! Pitääkö käsihuuhdelaitteessakin olla vikatiloja?” Myöhemmin