Ask me for Defcon DVDs, I will burn and ship them at good rate

Reading Time: 1 minute Defcon is documented widely. It is one of the most interesting events in the world. If you like to have the documentary media, ask me. I’ll post them for you, provided you can pay me the mailing costs. I live in Finland.

on cybernetics, Ferdinand de Saussure and communication

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have two laptops at home. Many people have several computers for various reasons; redundancy, because of operating system choices, leasing machine from work, a PC for children separate from parent’s. If you use the computers side-by-side, I think it’s a bit

Automaation paradoksi – huolto

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lähikaupassa silmiin osunut automaatti pisti mietteliääksi. Olin palauttamassa tyhjiä pulloja Tomraan. Laitteen viereen oli laitettu noin reilu metrin korkea pönttö. Aika pian selvisi, että se on käsihuuhteen annostelija. Laite antaa muutaman tipan hygienisoivaa nestettä, kun kädet laittaa annostelijan “sisään”. Laitteessa oli kaksi