My first BEMER microcirculation massage

Animation of hemoglobin t-r state transformation
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I had the opportunity to listen to an hour of introduction to a massage device called BEMER. The operating principle is quite simple: non-invasively accelerate the blood cells through using a pulsing magnetic field. Because blood heme (hemoglobin) contains iron (Fe), this is an atom that a magnetic field can exert force on.

The BEMER was invented by scientific and medical research people. The company is based in Liechtenstein.

I’m a raw amateur, but with some understanding of principles of physics, chemistry, and electromagnetism. Thus when I enter any opening ceremony, or private introduction to a new medical apparatus or method, I’m quite interested in how sound principles the mechanism relies on. That doesn’t mean that I would dismiss all “non-western” practises, but it means that I do my best to objectively cover, and avoid full hoaxes.

BEMER seems to be a very valid thing. It is been used in clinical practise, in hospitals, and by professionals who wouldn’t put so much money into some hypothetical thing that wouldn’t work. German court of law awarded the company’s claims a positive

The principle in fact is simple. By using a certain shape of a signal, the device can penetrate tissue into proper depth, and affect the target area. BEMER targets blood flow. Why doesn’t it shake, warm up, or affect non-blood material? Because of the fact that electromagnetism is effective only to substances that have a real or apparent magnetic (di)pole in them. In other words, if a substance is composed of completely symmetrically from atoms, and as we know, an atom has an internal charge of zero, then that kind of matter is not within “reach” for a magnetic field.

What about blood? Why is it affected by a certain type of signal? Blood has as part of its constituent the substance called hemoglobin, which consists of four subunits, each having one single Fe atom (iron) in them. What I believe is that the iron presence is one of the key factors that can be used in order to specifically narrow down the affect of the BEMER signal. Note, I am not a physicists or certified MD, thus this statement above is my best educated guess.

The microcirculation boosting effect does bring changes to tissues connected with the circulation, as there’s more oxygen carried to the tissues. Tissues use oxygen as a central “fuel” to enable their biochemical reactions.  Thus the BEMER therapy is said to have a positive clinical effect via selective microcirculation boosting.

Bloodflow is one the most fundamental aspects of the human body. Principally blood carries oxygen in, and waste products out of the body. The clinical usage scenarios of BEMER are:

  • restoring and enhancing the body’s own immune system
  • accelerate or decelarate bloodflow with “pinpoint accuracy”
  • open microvascular clogs

For further references:

Dr. med R. Klopp (Berlin)

Dr. Wolf A. Kafka

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