Lately I’ve been immersed in tech with a fresh outlook – namely getting back to study towards a Master’s in Aalto University. I was working a lot during 2000-2008, also experiencing along the way the setup of my own business. But times change and I’ve come to really miss the academia; plus getting a diploma surely wouldn’t hurt.

Computer science is a field of its own. It’s a bit different than the everyday application of “daily IT”. Both have their time and place, and usually the theoretical part of Comp. Sci leads to ideas and activity in the everyday information technology field. Sometimes though even a Ph.D. in theoretical things doesn’t lead to anywhere in consumer applications.

What I’m really glad about is that Aalto seems to offer a neverending depth of study, in various fields. There’s nowadays 3 universities which combined into Aalto. It has to offer a strong palette of business, arts and design and core technology courses. From film production studies to nanomaterials and medical imaging, and anything you can possibly imagine between.

I went to Aalto one day. You see, it had been 3 years in between. The place was very much the same, but a lot of infrastructure had changed. It was a pleasure to get enrolled once again. No more hassle with payments; the guild room for tutoring had computers where you could use electronic banking to immediately pay tuition fee (btw. this is mere 80 eur for a semester).

I’m thrilled when I spend days in the university. The people, the computer classes, everything. It’s the uplifting feeling that makes a big difference. Even though I’m currently a remote student most of the time, every time I get to the campus area I take a deep breath, and enjoy what I’m doing. Aalto atmosphere.

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