Security Cyclone

Security. Let’s open the discussion.

I used to write long preaching texts about subject X, whatever it was. Now, it would be interesting to see what kinds of results we can get by anonymously co-writing a piece of blog. So, jump in. Comment here. 🙂

Subjects (not exhaustive list)

– round up of security threats (technical, social, cognitive, active, passive, blackmail, scam, bot-generated non-intentional, …)

– how the methods of identification vary from each other (and why..). What kinds of effects the mosaic of ID methods brings to use scenarios? Eg. people go around the security. But what would be a reliable single point of id-tech, for global use? There’s always the argument for national security, trust, etc.

– security changes every day! An unfortunate fact. Going in the Internet is like driving in traffic; the scenario is different

– sociality is both a defense, but it’s also prone to push people into making errors they wouldn’t do alone

– desktop laptop mobile Eyetap – convergence? But still different

– plausibility

– your privacy record; Google Dashboard, Facebook,, ordinary Google search, record-straightening services, etc.

– how does something in web get credibility? Do people believe or don’t they? What makes the difference. How individuals, the media, and other entities try to influence social credibility, why, and for what costs?

– how long are records kept? No one knows actually.

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