[2k blog in Computer Science] Biological human simulator

I am hugely interested in the very essence of life: us humans. What happens in our brains, when we live on, encounter things, make decisions? I was lucky to receive really interesting tutoring in neuroscience while studying cognitive science in Aalto University, Helsinki. Professors Vasily Klucharev and Risto Ilmoniemi kept both a course of their own, concentrating on both low-level structure and anatomy of the brain, as well as the things that grow out of and are seated in this biological framework of interconnected neurons.

As a computer scientist, my interests grew also towards the idea that perhaps a human mind could be simulated numerically?

This document is thus a memo conserning the building of human-like neural network simulator (called, simply: ‘Human’), from a biological and neurological basis. The simulator consists of individuals who interact with each other and develop during life.

First of all, I’m not a neuroscience professional. I’m just a tech student whose interest happens to extend into neuroscience. My knowledge is one semester’s worth of it, namely, one course of the brain anatomy and mechanisms. Second, in order to program a simulator in less than a millennia, you have to make simplifications. Third, what I do not know, I guess. For the program’s sake.

I haven’t read Marvin Minsky, though it would be probably worth every second spent doing that.

The model

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