Nokia announces major layoffs on 15.6.2012

During the 8 minutes of the video I go through some random ideas and projections that the Nokia might take. My own history apart from being a Finn, is that I’ve used Nokia devices for the most part of my mobile history. Since the e71 model however I jumped wagon and been trying Android and iPhone since. I don’t currently have a clear favorite; many phones have offered interesting features.

YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) has interesting graph of the history of Nokia’s personnel figures. Check out the link below:

What immediately caught my attention is that Nokia started aggressively employing people by the time it was already probably at the height of its technological peak performance, at around 1998-2000. This was the time the company really had breakthroughs and at least in Finland Nokia was seen as “the” mobile company. What’s also visible is that the core personnel count stays quite stable within Finland.

Beyond 2000 the IT bubble burst, and Nokia entered a 10-year Small Ice Age: a lot of product publications but basically not much to mention, tech-wise. The software was always quite horrible, and only during the latter part of 2000-2010 some handsets began boasting fast processors and the user interface was back to sleek by the Lumia models. Apart from good form industrial design many models were quite bluntly put total flops.

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