Personal visionarism and kaizen in life

Kaizen is the philosophy of optimizing a process and increasing quality in something. It comes from Japan, and has been linked often in Western countries to the industrial process (automation) quality improvements, perhaps best codified in Toyota’s success.

I woke up today, feeling a bit grumpy, perhaps wanting to sleep further. I turn my systems on: make the coffee percolator grind me some of that black liquid, check out my computer’s system messages (26 packages to be upgraded), and log on to news sites, email and so on.

For years I’ve really been looking for the way that our humane needs, interests, and curiosity could be met in a way that would not interfere the very delicate creative processes of the mind. You see, I think that creativity is a lurking power that doesn’t like too much fuzz. On the other hand, if one is locked in a cave, trying to invent something, it might turn out to be a dinosaur already as it comes to light; one should balance being on the cutting edge with that of having personal peace and time to ponder the big strategy. 

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