Dayz 1 – Ruby, Samu, nami

  The dayz -series: Short Rants About [life]. Right in that picture there’s Samu, who is the little control panel of me right now.   Samu’s uptime is now little more than 116 days (too tired to count precisely). I, as one of the two main executive modules called Parents, get signals from this childContinue reading “Dayz 1 – Ruby, Samu, nami”

Getting there – project Daysdream

Controllable, yet fun life? Every time I jump to the seat of this white Volkswagen and turn on the navigator, I dream of something big. Something different. Smooth, intelligent, interactive, effortless. A technology that would make my life a bit easier; it would open up new possibilities in situations where I least expected but wouldContinue reading “Getting there – project Daysdream”