Open letter to Authentec (c/o of Apple)

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I was thrilled to see that I’ve got the possibility to download and
use Authentec’s solutions with my new HP laptop.

The laptop has got a fingerprint module and I googled around the net to
find the Downloads section for your software!

One question, which actually consists of a couple of sub-points:

according to EFF’s “Who’s got your back 2013” list about privacy and corporate
policy towards snooping, Apple got really low (1 star) score. What
about AuthenTec now, as part of Apple?

The link below leads to this EFF privacy research results page:

The question(s):

Can you comment specifically on…

  • how my fingerprint data is used
  • where it is stored, and in what kind of format
  • is there any possibility that the fingerprint data itself or
    derivatives of it are used by governmental security department with
    the consent of Apple or AuthenTec?
  • what features of the fingerprint are stored? Is it a one-way hash,
    or actual raw data?
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