Thoughts on Personal Finance Management Part II: Being quantitative

Quantitative. That’s the word I kept thinking about. I understood that
budgeting has profoundly changed, and I think ‘improved’ is the proper word,
my world view and my personal habits.

When I don’t sometimes get a purchase receipt from a coffee, I noticed
a funny phenomena: I’m looking for a pen. Yup, to write down the amount
somewhere, preferably in another receipt in my wallet. I really want
to keep track of expenses.

Hunger gets bigger as you go! The initial very simple budgeting that I started
in Excel back in Jan 2014 has grown to be now a smorgasdashboard of
economic information. It produces a lot of things as output:

  • a piechart that shows where money is going
  • an estimate of cash at hand, on a daily basis (the cash flow calendar)
  • how much money goes into a particular category (like rent, or food)
  • can the savings goals be fulfilled
  • how part-time jobs affect the household economy


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