Tutkimusmatka HST-teknologian haudalle, osa 1 – saagan taustat

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traumoja on erilaisia. Toiset jäävät mieleen hyvin, toiset painuvat helposti unholaan. HST-kortti, tai siis henkilön sähköinen tunnistus -hanke, tuntuu olevan tuollainen helposti unholaan painuva asia. Moni nykypäivän digikansalainen ei ole moisesta kuullutkaan. “Hankkeen tarkoitus oli luoda Suomeen jokaiselle kansalaiselle helposti käyttöönotettava, virallisen

(Retro_pub_39s) Smooth hyperjump to IxDA 2013 in Helsinki

Reading Time: 2 minutes One does not simply saunter into a cantina — with this principle in mind, me and a wing commander headed towards a hologaic representation of Lauttasaari.Helsinki.Finland.Earth; a timespace POI hosting this year’s October IxDA meeting. A smooth hyperjump from Lohja (6 pc

On feasibility and profitability of outsourcing, pt. I

Reading Time: 3 minutes Outsourcing. Word with a lot of meanings, interpretations – and emotion. It’s the “big evil”; ripping “us” of work. It’s: “low quality”. It’s an ingenious solution to a lot of traditional investment problems; and all between. In this article I’d like to

Jogging – 2014 vs. 2015

Reading Time: 1 minute 19.7.2015 Evening, Sunday I squeezed myself today and went on improving the track record for jogging. This year’s been definitely a lousy, compared to 2014. I’m around in the 20% of what I ran in 2014. That’s low, dude! In previous year I did

How’s your bus trip? A dictated article from fresh air Finland

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wed 15.7.2015 The morning was quite simple and let’s say outright stoic? I didn’t even have my morning coffee – just grabbed some soda took a shower and off to work waiting for the bus; it’s now 07:43am. Reading a little bit