Tutkimusmatka HST-teknologian haudalle, osa 1 – saagan taustat

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traumoja on erilaisia. Toiset jäävät mieleen hyvin, toiset painuvat helposti unholaan. HST-kortti, tai siis henkilön sähköinen tunnistus -hanke, tuntuu olevan tuollainen helposti unholaan painuva asia. Moni nykypäivän digikansalainen ei ole moisesta kuullutkaan. “Hankkeen tarkoitus oli luoda Suomeen jokaiselle kansalaiselle helposti käyttöönotettava, virallisen asioinnin…” Ei. Matustelen sanoja. Miten kertoisin järkevästi yhdellä lauseella, mistä on kyse. KyllähänContinue reading “Tutkimusmatka HST-teknologian haudalle, osa 1 – saagan taustat”

(Retro_pub_39s) Smooth hyperjump to IxDA 2013 in Helsinki

Reading Time: 2 minutes One does not simply saunter into a cantina — with this principle in mind, me and a wing commander headed towards a hologaic representation of Lauttasaari.Helsinki.Finland.Earth; a timespace POI hosting this year’s October IxDA meeting. A smooth hyperjump from Lohja (6 pc from Helsinki) to the outskirts of system G.HEL was possible even though thereContinue reading “(Retro_pub_39s) Smooth hyperjump to IxDA 2013 in Helsinki”

On feasibility and profitability of outsourcing, pt. I

Reading Time: 3 minutes Outsourcing. Word with a lot of meanings, interpretations – and emotion. It’s the “big evil”; ripping “us” of work. It’s: “low quality”. It’s an ingenious solution to a lot of traditional investment problems; and all between. In this article I’d like to point out that the word is used in the sense of getting partContinue reading “On feasibility and profitability of outsourcing, pt. I”

Jogging – 2014 vs. 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute 19.7.2015 Evening, Sunday I squeezed myself today and went on improving the track record for jogging. This year’s been definitely a lousy, compared to 2014. I’m around in the 20% of what I ran in 2014. That’s low, dude! In previous year I did around 200km and started way earlier, in April. Part of my inactivity might beContinue reading “Jogging – 2014 vs. 2015”

Insights from WordPress, indeed!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I only needed to get that picture: It was more than the feature in hosted WordPress can ever say. Insights – the one dark blue dot is my posting, the only posting in around 12 months. No wonder I’ve been kind of thinking “does anyone read this blog?” Since it’s not New Year’s eve andContinue reading “Insights from WordPress, indeed!”

What’s scaling in everyday life?

Reading Time: < 1 minute 18:37 16.7.2015 Thursday Thinking a lot about scalability of processes in one’s practical life; how and how-not some things follow the main lead factor. A one thought that was quite powerful; even though one would be kind of “flying smoothly”, in a way, with ideatic power but no coercive skills, then the environment is “still theContinue reading “What’s scaling in everyday life?”

How’s your bus trip? A dictated article from fresh air Finland

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wed 15.7.2015 The morning was quite simple and let’s say outright stoic? I didn’t even have my morning coffee – just grabbed some soda took a shower and off to work waiting for the bus; it’s now 07:43am. Reading a little bit about the market economy of China from Wikipedia and couple of other articlesContinue reading “How’s your bus trip? A dictated article from fresh air Finland”