What’s scaling in everyday life?

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18:37 16.7.2015 Thursday

Thinking a lot about scalability of processes in one’s practical life;
how and how-not some things follow the main lead factor. A one thought
that was quite powerful; even though one would be kind of “flying smoothly”, in
a way, with ideatic power but no coercive skills, then the environment is “still the same”. Example. I come home, I am tired – I was energetic while doing quite challenging things, but upon arriving at an empty house, very simple things – like…
a) picking paper post from the floor
b) opening a door with that key that is at the bottom of your jeans’ pockets
whilst carrying three separate “backpacks” or pouches..
c) etc
might seem like a big trite.

Then again, what I have been really satisfied at is the sheer change in the way I tend nowadays to leave work: without a laptop, with just minimal amount of things I truly need: home keys, car keys, wallet,
phone, and the charger; and usually small earplug headphones.

I’m always chasing what is the minimum number of items one can “safely” leave home. That is relative, of course – since around 2000 when I started thinking about this things haven’t linearly been reduced. On the contrary there’d been times when I think technology shows an expansion, and this expansion isn’t positive. Sometimes things get split when they should be more elegant.

I’m still calling for that wonder’o’magic – that thing(?) that covers for it all. 🙂

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