Jogging – 2014 vs. 2015

Evening, Sunday

I squeezed myself today and went on improving the track record for jogging. This year’s been definitely a lousy, compared to 2014. I’m around in the 20% of what I ran in 2014. That’s low, dude!

In previous year I did around 200km and started way earlier, in April. Part of my inactivity might be due to working but I’d definitely need to get a rhythm going on. Plotting the jogging data was one eye-opener.

I love visualization. Actually that’s part of my daily work as a programmer currently.

Metric showing cumulative jogging amount as kilometeres, in 2014 and 2015 (Jukka Paulin)
Jogging, in 2014 (blue) and 2015 (red).
Note: 2015 not yet completed.

It’s powerful. Doesn’t take much pondering looking at the blue vs. red (2015) plots of accumulated kilometers to see both:

a) I’m late to pick up

b) it’s not going to probably hit 200km this year.

But that certainly doesn’t stop me running!

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