(Retro_pub_39s) Smooth hyperjump to IxDA 2013 in Helsinki

One does not simply saunter into a cantina — with this principle in mind, me and a wing commander headed towards a hologaic representation of Lauttasaari.Helsinki.Finland.Earth; a timespace POI hosting this year’s October IxDA meeting.

#62. astrodeep200407 a g HUDF heic0611aa
#62. astrodeep200407 a g HUDF heic0611aa (Photo credit: rmforall@gmail.com)

A smooth hyperjump from Lohja (6 pc from Helsinki) to the outskirts of system G.HEL was possible even though there was quite a dense field of intergalactic hydrogen/oxygen condensate, forming some fog-like clustering in the “windshield”. An external Lumia navigator of the model 520 was being tried out by wing commander R_N; the user interface proved to be amazingly 2013sh. A disproportionately difficult means to “cancel” or “not want” was found to be lacking in the logic of applying limb pressure to the display.  However, the local navigation proved successful, partly due to a standard red ‘esp’ space buoy. The IxDA meeting was held in an amazingly accurate hologaia of original Earth, ca. 2013.  The hyperlocal premises were a typical building of that era. The host company is specialized in brewery products; we saw a number of objects evidencing this. A brand new technology called “Beer to peer” was a popular solution to enhancing the communications atmosphere. The free beer principle may have found a lucrative niche to augmented GNU/GPL demigod Richard Stallman’s often-quoted verse: you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer” An instance of Free lancer

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