Immunoboost challenge 2012

Would you like a sinusitis? Dripping, orange slime coming from our nose like ketchup. Headache. Pressure-induced pain in the teeth. Sleepless nights. Yes; doesn’t sound so good.

Sinusitis is quite a common condition, and it’s usually not lethal or even dangerous – but if left untreated, it may cause some unwanted things. Nevertheless, it is pain in the ass. The condition is initially (often) caused by a viral infection, which causes inflammation of the “chambers” between facial skin and skull bone, on one or both sides next to the nose.

I hadn’t been ill for like two years, until one day on the Easter holidays I got a slight, “funny” tingling feeling in my throat. Next thing I knew, it was all hell loose. Above signs don’t even necessarily come close to describing how sinusitis really feels. One of worst things I encountered were endless coughing sessions, which I couldn’t stop, no matter what I did. In the middle of the night, I kept coughing for hundreds of times – making me really tired and plain angry.

Now, what can we do? What is the whole point of Immunoboost challenge?

I call all interested parties to mine, explore, correct, and suggest knowledge about boosting immunity; living optimally.

I think many things in life can be done better with participation, increasing knowledge and understanding, and executing! Modifying oneself to act in a better way. Immunity shouldn’t be any different.

After all, we are made up of atoms, molecules, and entities built from these.

We’re no longer prone to witchcraft – we trust best practises and are thirsty for new knowledge.

What’s the answer to living a less sick life? I think that the answer has to do with a strong immunity; having a body that can fight off all kinds of threats.

This requires both knowledge of the immune system, as well as changes to lifestyle – an omission there, a boost here, and adding a few healthy routines to the daily menu. Sports, for example. But even with sports, the latest scientific evidence seems to point out to the golden rule of medicine: too much or too little is harmful. We all know that being a couch potato isn’t good – but more surprisingly, it’s not healthy to overdo exercise, either.

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