Here’s the deal: a guy wrote wonderful script (yle-dl) to download material from YLE channel. In 2016, a mini series called Downshiftaajat got aired, and me and my wife were hooked instantly on it. We had a basic flat TV, with HDMI connector, but no “media box” ie. a set-top box. Oh, and very scant time to watch anything, overall. So… something need to get cooked.v4tukka_schemat_sangylla

Mission Non-Impossible:

  • use Raspberry Pi 3 to show downloaded TV series (generally: digital videos)
  • make some kind of menu, where user can select a Show to play
  • make it darn easy

How’s that for a spec?

Turns out that probably the greatest risk in this project would be to aimless wander in the side alleys; basically Raspberry Pi 3 is a capable device — thus, with relative ease of installing a Debian Linux on it, along with one of the most feature-rich video player software (VLC) one could ever dream of, there shouldn’t be any big problems.

External Links

  1. Project page of yle-dl 

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