2017 hard rock blogg!

How has the turn of the year been?

The second day of 2017, as we speak!

What I’m actually up to, is both take a look at the blog in its entire, and planning for the year ahead.

And it’s not your problem to keep me entertained!

I got a lot of ideas for the year, and in fact as we speak, I’m doing 2 kinds of “trains” within this blog. One is personal, because I’ve found it really interesting to keep track of the goings-about of those bloggers I read. Second is pretty much concentrated on blogging tech and what you might call ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization).

Somehow the whole issue of making this very blog, Jukkasoft, a goal-driven has been elusive for me, for a looong time. It might be partially due to just being busy, but also I often have a difficult time adjusting to “some start”, no matter how simple, and then advancing forward.

I think this time it’s different!

One more thing;

my deepest wish would be to get to know more of the readership, and what kind of content you’ve found entertaining, fun, useful, or – something that simply didn’t “click”, or was too obscure to be understood. Drop a comment, feel free to drop a line in Twitter! (@jukkapaulin) https://twitter.com/jukkapaulin



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