Where do blogs stand in 2017?

I’m personally quite active consumer of media, from Instagram to news, blogs and of course Twitter.

What’s kept me kind of wondering is the position of blogs, over time. I mean we’re literally bombarded with (other) options to spend our time, which, by the way, is always a scarce resource. Still at least I find blogs really fascinating!

Blogs and differentiation

Blogs are often much more than just straightforward presentation of a collection of facts. Blogs do, and they’re entitled (even expected to) offer personal opinions. That’s the second differentiating aspect of blogs. One being of course the generic topic, if any.

I don’t, for one, have a precise set of topics on Jukkasoft, even though I do claim “to uncover technology”. And I guess that’s pretty much the core what I do here. But I definitely see that I’m not a gadget-geek, in the sense you’d find “phone review every week” or something even close to that frequency.

There’s more than just the informational content one goes after when reading these posts. As a reader you get the “goings on” in the life of yours truly, as well as opinions – perhaps not always so up front and underlined, but interspersed in the text.

I’ll tell you a story of something that changed my view on information in the second part!



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