Viikonlopun saldona muutamia kuvia ja pullantuoksuista menoa! 

Kirjoittelin portfoliota. City of Steel sai paljon lisäsisältöä juoneen.

City of Steel is a story happening in a small unnamed city, merely known as City of Steel. The city is equally famous for its steel production as for its legendary Patron, who overlooks both in good and bad all activities in the area.

Then hard times hit, and disaster after disaster ravages the foundations of peace and prosperity. Old Patron is both physically and mentally dislocated. Facilities are shut down. The whole industry almost halts. People lose jobs. Some flee to other parts of the country.

Those that remained, became gloomy. The great Patron who single-handedly ran and owned the steel industry has
retreated and lives as recluse, having almost lost touch to the inhabitants he so much cared for.

Puhdasta englantia, tyypillisesti pelien kanssa tarinoin aina mieluummin tuolla kielellä. Varmaan peruja siitä, että opiskelin suurimman osan englannistani suoraan pelien manuaaleista ja niiden tarinoita kahlaten, Webster vierelläni 😉

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