Project #pruners in Twitter, and 255

Reading Time: < 1 minute I started counting down from 1799. That’s the number of accounts I was following on Twitter, in 25.8.2017 I’ll aim to have this number go down to 255, or 0xFF in hex. The scheme and pace is still undecided. I’ll put a fancy graph of the plan once I get it done. Something akin toContinue reading “Project #pruners in Twitter, and 255”

TubeCon 2017 Finland

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is the weekend you've been waiting! A con held in Helsinki, the (official event page) Tubecon offers an interesting glimpse into the world of tubers for 2 days in Hartwall Areena. Just recently Roni Back, who's the most watched tuber in Finland, released a book: "Tubettajan Käsikirja". Insightful read! For Tubecon backgrounds, see TubeConContinue reading “TubeCon 2017 Finland”

Refactoring tools for JS development

Reading Time: < 1 minute Part 1/3 The technology scene changes yearly. With JavaScript, it changes daily – that’s at least what some have come to believe. This essay is about making refactoring in the software source code level. This essay does not go into the theory and practice of refactoring, ie. the details of what the ‘smells’ are inContinue reading “Refactoring tools for JS development”

The writing diet – blocking you?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Never too soon to check your Unhealthy Blogging Habits into balance Bad Habit #1: Delaying your article Sitting on that “mind-blowing” article, are we? I’m not talking about a few hours. I’m talking months, even a couple of years. Yeah, babe, that happened to me. Regularly. Once I published an article about smartphones, that’d beenContinue reading “The writing diet – blocking you?”

Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader

Reading Time: 1 minute I was following 37 blogs through WordPress ‘Reader’. I hadn’t in fact interacted so much with the Reader, but kept still getting updates of articles to my iPhone. So one day I thought: now is the time to make a clean-up. Of the 37 original blogs in my Reader’s “list of followed blogs”, I keptContinue reading “Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader”