The writing diet – blocking you?

Never too soon to check your Unhealthy Blogging Habits into balance

Bad Habit #1: Delaying your article

Sitting on that “mind-blowing” article, are we? I’m not talking about a few hours. I’m talking months, even a couple of years. Yeah, babe, that happened to me. Regularly. Once I published an article about smartphones, that’d been around 4-5 years in the making. (Luckily I’m such a timeless character… and yeah, what could possibly change in phones during just a couple of years?!)

Check that ‘Drafts’ count on your WordPress panel

Then I really started to look at that “Drafts” number (11 in the image capture), wordpress_drafts_indicatorwhich – by the way – is a great indicator in the WordPress user interface.

The drafts number reminds of unfinished business. The longer you keep your things in Draft mode, my feeling is the greater the chance it will never get delivered. Because it starts to feel stale, arduous, boring, and so on. My tips:

  • think of Drafts as the equivalent of your email Inbox “unread” count
  • if you ever have more than 3 drafts, immediately open it up and do something!
  • don’t be afraid of discarding unnecessary drafts
  • you can access the Drafts by clicking the number

Bad Habit #2: Long Inactivity periods

This one is quite a poison, too. Like I said in another post, one of reasons I unsubscribed for over 50% of the list I’d previously been subscribed to, was that the blogs had not produced anything for months. It sounds like a blog is very much dead then.

I definitely have had my share of being idle here in the blogosphere. I think it’s quite a common phenomena that many bloggers at one (or more) points of their lives just have to go through. You might feel a bit out-of-touch after inactivity. Don’t be afraid – believe me, typing again, a cup of coffee next to the laptop – it feels like home.



I’d gladly share more of it, if I had any. I am venturing hopefully towards a more regular publishing cycle (kick me in the butt!) And will keep the Drafts next to zero, if possible. Right now I am moving to piecing together an article about modularity of programming: “Packages galore”.

And if I can squeeze, also adding at least one new category to the existing list of subjects:

Blogging of 5G networks

5G, the next generation of fast mobile network. Even though I am by no means a technical expert, 5G is one of those points in the history of technology where we kind of feel like “having seen it”, perhaps wondering what new could one wish. But I have a gut feeling that this one will surprise us, again. It also comes duly in a time of mobile video use growing fast, so there’s already a big need for it. In addition, the IoT revolution is said to benefit from perhaps a new service class and SLA that might be due to 5G or the way it is being rolled out.

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