Responsive? React Native and Tackling platpourri

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was a moment of joy! Sometimes ideas flow, very suddenly, abruptly, and they seem just such perfect fit. Then comes the amazement; why didn’t I think this before? I’ve done mobile software development on three rather distinct stages of the ecosystem: very early (2000-2001), Single Page Apps, and now Current Age of Cross-platform AppsContinue reading “Responsive? React Native and Tackling platpourri”

Refactoring and the Code Gremlin

Reading Time: 4 minutes Wishful thinking is one of those concepts that really struct a chord when I was studying theoretical computer science. The term was introduced on a introductory programming course, and I believe it originated from the MIT “SICP” course authors. “Wishful thinking” basically means that a developer sets aside some problematic details, for a while, inContinue reading “Refactoring and the Code Gremlin”

Lure of Coding: Packages galore

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lure of coding. Once you snap, you can’t.. live without? Update? Stay abreast? The dream of doing software by snapping together nice libraries (components) is as old as the trade itself. We’ll be looking at how does modularity in general change software development process how the NPM package repository and ‘npm’ tool helps JavaScript developersContinue reading “Lure of Coding: Packages galore”