Essential Growth Hormone For Business

Reading Time: 1 minute Essential growth factors for companies “Getting” social media – you can’t dismiss it. Too valuable. Rather train yourself than diss it. Choosing productive (not “interesting”) tools Automation. Automation. Automation. Aut… Going out! Meeting & learning. Sitting still? Busted. Making sure that rote work doesn’t wear out creativity. Polls constantly on your own staff – opinion

Refactoring and the Code Gremlin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Refactoring aims to change software’s static¬†structure – the source code.¬†It’s not often so much about the performance (run-time), but rather how a developer perceives the source code. You might even say, the ‘elegance’ or ‘beauty’ of the code. Refactoring itself can be a beneficial mental process, during which developer takes a second glance at the