Slush 2017 anticipation

Reading Time: < 1 minute Guys and gals! it’s that time of the year again! For Finns, slush has been significant for hundreds of years. It’s that strange substance that rains from the icy sky and barely resembles snow. You can see slush in various trendy cold drinks; but nowadays Slush definitely means the go-to startup/venture capital/networking event. Slush bringsContinue reading “Slush 2017 anticipation”

Essential Growth Hormone For Business

Reading Time: < 1 minute Essential growth factors for companies “Getting” social media – you can’t dismiss it. Too valuable. Rather train yourself than diss it. Choosing productive (not “interesting”) tools Automation. Automation. Automation. Aut… Going out! Meeting & learning. Sitting still? Busted. Making sure that rote work doesn’t wear out creativity. Polls constantly on your own staff – opinionContinue reading “Essential Growth Hormone For Business”

Refactoring and the Code Gremlin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Refactoring aims to change software’s static structure – the source code. It’s not often so much about the performance (run-time), but rather how a developer perceives the source code. You might even say, the ‘elegance’ or ‘beauty’ of the code. Refactoring itself can be a beneficial mental process, during which developer takes a second glance at theContinue reading “Refactoring and the Code Gremlin”