Essential Growth Hormone For Business

Essential growth factors for companies

“Getting” social media – you can’t dismiss it. Too valuable. Rather train yourself than diss it.

Choosing productive (not “interesting”) tools

Automation. Automation. Automation. Aut…

Going out! Meeting & learning. Sitting still? Busted.

Making sure that rote work doesn’t wear out creativity.

Polls constantly on your own staff – opinion data. At least 1 simple poll per week. Anonymize the polls to get max truth.

Do and present the “post-mortems” of projects. Take pain professionally. Give tips that are active and positive; guidance, not nuisance.

(Do the polls as soon as you have 3 or more people.)

Always pay attention to calculating product margins.

Tracking projects!! Using that precious data: What were the costs? What was profit Margin? Customer satisfaction? Learning points? In practice: action points!

How were the margins re-invested?

ROI, ROE. Yes 🙂

“Act like pro – don’t merely dream about it.”

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