Slush 2017 anticipation

Guys and gals!

it’s that time of the year again! For Finns, slush has been significant for hundreds of years. It’s that strange substance that rains from the icy sky and barely resembles snow. You can see slush in various trendy cold drinks; but nowadays Slush definitely means the go-to startup/venture capital/networking event.

Slush brings a really nice buzz into Helsinki. The event takes place traditionally (also this year) in Messukeskus, the premiere exhibition center located quite conveniently in a spot of its own near one of the major developmental hubris of Helsinki, Pasila.

Just today I read a blog posting about a techie conference in Las Vegas; Re:Invent. Las Vegas for me personally is a very warm memory of the times during the height of so called IT boom around year 2000. I was part of the company that went to exhibit hey software product in COMDEX. We worked our ass off literally juggling between presenting, contacting and being true geeks in uniform corporate outfits. Boy it was fun!

Slush has grown significantly from its rather humble beginnings as a very ad-hoc pioneering organization which was and — I believe still is — largely based on the effort of volunteers.

I hope the event greets you with warmth, sizzling energy and lets you completely forget the slush outside. And remember; nothing feels better than to dash a hundred meters in slush to cool down! Have fun!!!

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    Have a lovely day! 🙂

    1. I’ll check and fix, thanks for letting me know!
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      1. I’d most likely try one thing. I think both you and I have a hosted WordPress, ie. the site is technically managed by WordPress itself. Not 100% sure this will fix it, but worth try: add my blog, via surfing to

      2. I did try! So far, not so good!

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      8. I checked and confirmed, but the same error message comes up!! Seriously.

      9. Keep the site bookmarked. I am baffled, sincerely. Tried also to add myself to be e-mail follower and that worked. Our email addresses shouldn’t basically differ in any way, technically. I’ll definitely let you know if a workaround comes up!

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