Hacking david.js and few words of dependencies

Reading Time: 3 minutes David is one fantastic project that somehow draws my attention. There’s probably 2 reasons for this. First, it was the first project where I submitted some code over GitHub. Second, I’ve always been fascinated by the seeming chaos and mesmerizing scope of software nowadays: we’re easily looking at beasts sized at least several thousands ofContinue reading “Hacking david.js and few words of dependencies”

N&Bx: dissecting (ba)sh

Reading Time: 2 minutes Welcome to Nuts&Bolts with Linux, or ‘N&Bx’. I’ll keep sharing some of the things that have recently found. It’s amazing how rich a GNU/Linux system actually is. I’ve jokingly said many times that you can either play games, or just explore more and more of a Linux. Either way you won’t run out of thingsContinue reading “N&Bx: dissecting (ba)sh”