Present History of Man (2018)

In 2001 I wrote an item list about certain things related to technology, culture and inventions. Back then I looked at the world with the eyes and experiences of quite fresh technical university undergraduate student.

I also predicted in the same text, rather vaguely, but nevertheless some aspects of the future and how it might turn out.

The list


  1. you had to actually carry things called “shades” to protect your retina from too much bright light.
  2. you had to swallow chemicals, called drugs or medicine, which affected your metabolism in a way that made you feel a bit relieved. You never really understood why you took it, but because of its relieving effect you actually sort of became addicted to the substance.
  3. you had to carry either metal pieces called coins or plastic cards called credit cards to indicate you were eligible to buy things. From time to time, some genius decided the unit should be changed from one well-established to a new one.
  4. you had to manually synchronize and move bits from place to another for them to be accessible. Automatic secure pan-synchronization of data was not invented yet.
  5. the clerks at the shops made rude mistakes in calculating return money.
  6. in computer operating systems, thing some times worked and another time they did not. There was no logic in all that. There were relatively quite big lag times between the interaction with the system.
  7. pictures were imitated in computers with discrete elements called ‘pixels’ or picture elements. They had not yet discovered Unlimited Natural Graphics.
  8. disk drive space actually run out. Worse; this was noticed at the moment you ‘saved’ your documents. You had to manually do that oftentimes.
  9. Computer documents were static and lasted on the disk as long as somebody did something about it. Documents did not imitate natural memory and disappear when irrelevant. Relevance links (RL) were not yet discovered.
  10. Computer interaction between human and the machine was done with crude devices like the
    mouse (pl. ‘mice’); it was a piece of plastic with a rolling ball inside it. The movement of
    the ball was registered by 2 rotating rollers. Both the X- and the Y- axis had their own rollers.
    “Explicit Intention”-, “thought pattern”-, “Task relevance”- and physical indication measurement methods were unknown in Human Computer Interaction of that age.
  11. the displays were a legacy from around the 1960s. The most central piece of electronics was the
    Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). LCD and plasma displays were claiming space during the turn of the millennia, but still CRTs were widely used.
  12. you had to remember tens or even hundreds of little codes during the day to manage your life in the so-called Information Age. You could not concentrate fully on your ambitions. Codes were required to operate your personal communication device, computer, car, doors, etc.

Found an obsolete item?

Tell me when you see an item has disappeared or the fact is now obsolete. Write a comment here at Jukkasoft blog (or email me), and mention:

  • mention the “Present history list 2018” as subject (if mail)
  • which point on the list
  • has the issue resolved completely or partially?

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