2017 for Jukkasoft – second most pop year!

77 to 950 unique visitors, yearly. That’s the min and max of yearly Jukkasoft.com blog reach. I’ve been on a hosted WordPress since 2013, so that is the time span for visitor statistics. It’s interesting to see and get feedback from “the engine”, so to speak.

The blog has been quite private, not a “viral hit” or anything. I’ve yet to also strike the proper balance with things. My style is quite geeky, I think. Perhaps some of the articles could be more timely and some could be more generous in readability. Then again, it’s not a good idea to try to please everyone. I very well acknowledge that this is a blog about “Uncovering technology”, but you won’t likely find the latest reviews of a gadget in here.

One thing that might be a bit confusing, is that I write both in English and Finnish.
I like to keep things rolling also with the “minority” language, which happens to be my native. Of course Finnish is also easier, as it’s “straight from the mind to screen”.

English is of course really a de facto language for technical things. I started learning English originally at around the age of 7 or 8. Some of the games I played with Commodore 64 (a home computer) came packed with a hefty 80 pages of manual, in English. If you wanted to make your mark in the battle simulation, you better read that manual. Medals were awarded in school yard, when we exchanged battle stories among like-minded friends.

About 50% of my output in Jukkasoft is about programming and other technically inclined topics.

On to 2018 – outlook

I promised a couple things in the posts during 2017.

Getting out a proper introduction to React framework. Second, I wrote about my personal goal with Project #pruners in Twitter, and 255

The Twitter pruning programme stands. I started the project last year. (And currently following more people than in the beginning – so… )

Both of these efforts (spreading React knowledge and doing my personal pledge on Twitter) require some thought. And action. Plus determination.

Reducing the number of people I follow on Twitter on my behalf is an attempt to see, how that kind of thing affects my personal “filter bubble“. As I’ve wanted to reach a more versatile audience here, I’m also interested in being equally informed on Twitter. I mean it’s really fun to meddle in the geek world, but definitely, that’s not all there’s to “life”.

I’m perhaps a bit worried that not all the things high tech offers, on a daily basis, is that good. I’m at least curious. I want to see more of the unfiltered.

Jukkasoft and hosted WordPress

What comes to Jukkasoft (the blog), it’s living on a WordPress hosted blog, that is, I bought a 100 eur worth of features, which keeps the blog clean of any ads (for your convenience), and enables very nice editing features on the backend (where I do writing and editing). So you don’t have to see ads, I don’t have to spend hours doing the stuff
that I would anyway do day-in-day-out in my work.

Jukkasoft has been always a hobby project – this platform doesn’t have direct commercial interests. Blogging is a form of self-reflection and I’m still very much the same guy that used the possibility to “blog” back 17 years ago, during studies, when there was a free web page to host content on in Aalto University. Things have changed, completely free platforms often carry some penalty, so that’s why I see that this hosted WordPress is a perfect solution for my lifestyle and ambitions.

Writing in general

I enjoy writing. Perhaps more than ever. In the beginning of 2017 I also started jotting some words into a techno novel. It’s been going forward, but currently I’m having some trouble getting the “final plot elements” in place. Written in Finnish, it would be my very first one. It stands currently at around 30-35 pages and I would like the length to be double that. Shouldn’t be that hard, there’s plenty of stuff in my mental pipeline. Mostly a question of priorities and getting the final sparks in my brain.

Blogging and text as a media form, in general, is something very dear to my heart. I’ve been an essayist for as long as I can remember. English feels good as a language in the written medium.  It’s also the language that I use daily in work, making and selling software and projects.

But I’ll keep this at convenient length for both me and You!

Be seeing!

P.S. feel free to give tips of your year in review.



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