Gleam of Green Tea

It’s one of my first cups of the product right there.


It’s an interesting journey to produce a cup of hot green tea. Yesterday I bought the ingredients: a tea strainer and some green tea (in a pouch). As with everything experimental, it’s a fascinating thing to enter a new world. There’s questions, you see, and some learning with the process.

Making the morning porridge has been a good teacher for me. Easily understated amount of work. Porridge entails all the things you actually never (even with a slightly inclination to homo faber kind of mentality) want! (But that’s another story)

A little so with green tea, too! No wonder I’ve been a coffee drinker for so long. Let’s get down to it:

  • still to learn how to actually fill the tea strainer from the mass of crisp (and bouncy) green tea snippets (without making for a round of vacuuming)
  • tried grinding the dry green tea leaves finer with a stavmixer
  • does a coffee filter paper do any harm, as in when I’m trying to make the end product a bit more clear and devoid of green tea particles?

Green tea is said to contain a lot of antioxidants. I’ll keep on experimenting!

Want to hear more from this?

Have a look at Wikipedia: Green tea.

See you!

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