13 questions you might ask an IT company in interview

  1. What to expect on a Monday morning at 07:30AM in the office ?
  2. How much per head the company puts to Perks? (Tangible employee benefits, excl. insurance etc)
  3. What’s the average salary of workforce?
  4. What’s the top 10% making in the company and what is their role?
  5. Why people do remote in your company, give 3 reasons you suspect are the case
  6. How much (% of efficient workdays) are remote de facto?
  7. HOW does your company grow?
  8. Name 2 big financially relevant milestones from last year, that your company achieved?
  9. Do you intend to take over the world in your own segment?
  10. Who owns your company?
  11. What are the biggest reasons that your employees come to work on-site, if they have remote as option?
  12. If profits rise 50% this year, how is it reflected in the average salary?
  13. Are the answers you gave “data-backed”, ie. factual?


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