1VSI-9_1 Kick off: John and the Hut

Reading Time: 5 minutes story id 1VSI-9_1 Eff.t 59min. wc 7341 => First VSI type of story, max 9 revisions, this is rev. 1 This book’s next revision (2nd) will be 1VSI-9_2 The next book’s first chapter will be 2VSI-N_1 Chapter 1 CHILDHOOD Our protagonist is called John. We don’t know much more about him. What happened in John’sContinue reading “1VSI-9_1 Kick off: John and the Hut”

Thank you WordPress Happiness Engineers!

Reading Time: < 1 minute For starters.. Thank you Happiness Engineers! You can, nowadays, detach completely from the technical cornerstones of blogging. That’s a great thing! I’ve especially become to be endeared with WordPress as the go-to engine in blogging. The Jukkasoft blog to my knowledge hasn’t had much downtime. A few weeks ago (in 2018), however, I had theContinue reading “Thank you WordPress Happiness Engineers!”