1VSI-9_1 Kick off: John and the Hut

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Our protagonist is called John. We don’t know much
more about him. What happened in John’s childhood
is *unknown*. Some in the City say that John
had a completely ordinary middle-class upbringing.

Chapter 2 REASON

John was on the verge of this dream of his. He
had always wanted to be a real estate dealer.
It was such a different kind of profession.
John had aimed to be one for basically
his whole life. Why, we really don’t know.
The reason why John had this obsessive enthusiasm
with being in real estate is *unknown*.

Chapter 3 TREMOR

John was in the big City, taking the very first
steps in real estate education. He was to embark
on a course that would last 4 years. Every
second seemed important and almost like from
a dream. On the very first introductory
lecture John suddenly started trembling. He
felt awfully bad. He had a sweaty forehead.

People didn’t notice at all. He started feeling
panicky, surreal, afraid. The trembling was
like a humming hammer, he felt it inside,
he was sure it was exactly the trembling that
also caused nausea. John wanted to throw
up. He got so, so angry because this thing
whatever it was was about to spoil his
introductory study day.

Why didn’t anyone help??? Why the fuck?!
He looked around the students, and found
that the notions he had previously formulated
of the people were turning sour.

He noticed that it
was rather odd that no one, absolutely no-one!
noticed this feeling of his. He was angry.
This was sabotage, and no-one helped him.

He felt somehow like this was “intentional”.

He remembered that a long ago he’d had some
sort of seizure and it had to do with sugar
levels in the blood. He headed quietly but
determined to the

Someone was sabotaging his studies? No way.

He quaffed the drink, and felt immediately
He never, ever, thought about this incident
again. The reason he had this jerky, sweaty and
fearful feeling is *unknown*.

The drink contained a component that is still
*unknown*. Only thing John remembered was
that the label looked way too delicate, finessed
and expensive to be on a 0.75$ energy drink
bottle. Rather strange…

Chapter 4 Graduation

Four years later John graduated with flying colors.
He was indeed the second best in the class. Sara,
the little blond angel, his new best friend,
got marks a bit above John’s. It was the best
day of their lives. They both talked about how
significant this day was, and how their life
was about to start.


The real estate diploma contain a investigation
about a person’s credentials. John had no trouble
with this. Except that he flunked miserably. The
officials showed him a shady print-out from
some said official source of government ed
bureau. John could not simply believe what he heard.
He was to be banned from entering real estate
as a consultant, or a realtor, for the next 15
years. He was devastated. John did not know
a thing about why that kind of registry entry
had been on the report. The origins of the misdemeanor
are completely *unknown*
John wept. He was deeply disappointed in the world.

Chapter 6 The summer can not be this hot

It was an exceptional summer. The record of
longest non-raining period was exceeded by 21
days. This summer it hadn’t rained for 47 days.
John was walking in the morning. He took
a trip through a rocky elevated spot in the
forest. Then he headed further and deeper
into the forest. He wanted to see how a small
river that was dear to him from childhood
could take this hot a summer.

Chapter 7 RIVER

There was the river. It was sparkling, lively,
as dear as ever. The smells. All the birds,
animals, glimmer, and sounds. John started
crying. He was touched by a distant memory
of time when he had it all sorted out, his
future direction set.

No more.


John closed his eyes. He kept the shut for
almost a minute. Nothing changed. The sounds,
smells, birds, glimmer in the surface of the
water. Everything was there. The river was
his best friend.

Chapter 8 HUT

John built that summer a forest hut. It was
a crazy idea. He wanted to be alone, and take
a look back, think through the whole of last
five years in his life.


He was determined to building the hut. The idea
was sort of those flash sparks that come into
mind in a blink of an eye.



He was hesitant for just a second. Then
things started to nicely fall


His forehead was sweating.


He took a bottle of water from a plastic
bag, sipped it, and


felt better. He had a dizzy feeling. John sat
down. Maybe this was some kind of


toll on the brain, because he’d taken the
showstopper news from the officials so hard.
“Things will be all


right”, he though to himself. He was calm again.
All tremor gone. Clear vision of what had to be
done. He worked in a very determined way; there
were no unanswered questions, no hesitation what
so ever that day.


Why this chapter was almost impossible
to write is *unknown*. John lived in the hut
and was content. He didn’t feel particularly
happy but not miserable either. No one apparently
seemed to miss him. This suited him perfectly.
He spent the days amending the hut. He build
7 complete floors to it. It was a big job, but
he was adamant. Not hesitant, not stressing out,
just doing what he needed to.


One beautiful morning there was some
strange sound from the bushes. John sighted
a person approaching. He didn’t recognize
the person. John awoke next morning. What
happened with the visitor, is *unknown*.

Chapter 11 RUSH

John found every day that more and more
people came. People had all sorts of reasons
for wanting to see him. Some asked for
solace, a place to sleep, and offered
to help with the hut. John was very, very
surprised of this major influx of population.
But he had built those 7 floors. The question
arose of what should be the order of placing
people. Several ideas came to mind almost


The camp was full of people who had found
their place and thing in the world. John
wasn’t proud, he did not simply feel anything.
He was not depressed or sad either. He was
obliged to do the things, but did not take
credit fro the societal change that had
happened in the City. People from far
away came to see the camp. It was


okay, and part of the routine. Days
started to have more complexity and
John started actually feel the first
emotions rising again. He was


so lucky for having being elected a
de facto mayor of this strange but
vibrant community.

Chapter 13 THE END?

We do not know what happened to the camp.

When John arrived there, there was no
river. The hot summer had taken its
toll on the ecosystem. At least locally.
The river was but a moist line amidst
the pale yellow bushes, that once had
been a beautiful and dear forest.
John understood that your very first,
hectic day as a realtor can take its toll.


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