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Tingling curiosity

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A random blast.

You know the feeling when you…

* buy that coffee mug with your branding on it. Fallout-related, naturally (remnant from geek stage)
* don’t carry the laptop to home on weekends
* turn off social media notifications during 925
* swear you could code Hubspot better
* still find using “F6” in Sublime to check for spelling errors the most convenient way
* abandon your reflexes for typing ’emacs -nw’
* don’t care about resolving an issue with Ubuntu software center on your laptop
* use ‘iptraf’ and ‘etherape’ way less
* revert back to the standard Ubuntu ‘iptraf’ package instead of your own compiled version of it
* get a nice looking book about advanced “bash” scripting, because it looks and smells good (truth: haven’t. Yet.)
* shave four times as often (Promise.)

Yeah. Sales is good 🙂