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Microserfs (a sort of book review 2018)

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The Microserfs

I read the book a long time ago, perhaps somewhere around 2000. (Oh that magic turn-of-the-millennium IT hype!)

Just recently a black plastic bag arrived in my mail — with the Amazon’ish “address and content” label printed on it. My hands were almost trembling. The excitement of getting a new look at this legendary book!

I frankly don’t remember anything from the first round of reading “Microserfs”. So it’s a refreshing thing to read the book again. As you may know, I’m a software developer, lifelong geek (from age 6 onwards) and a devout lover of good books. But books can be ‘good’ in so many ways, and it’s really personal. I haven’t been a big review enthusiasta up until now. In fact this is one of my first reviews, I guess, apart from those obligatory school things everyone does in the their teens.

Microserfs is a collection of stories. In fact, starting to read the book for the second time, it’s no wonder that I didn’t have an exact memory of the “plot” exactly due to the fact that it may not have one. The storyline is told by the fictious people whole live in Microsoft campus. They’re all “geeks” of some kind, ie. professionals involved with software creation. Some display a disliking to lot of the ethos around the Campus. ‘Bill‘ is referred to in the book in many places.

There’s doesn’t seem to be “one plot” that would advance, instead there’s diary-like snippets of people describing their thoughts, situations, observations and various assumptions about the underlying logic, hierarchy and somewhat superficial world view of the geeks, or “serfs”.

Really enjoying reading Microserfs. Another thing that I truly recommend is watching Douglas Coupland’s interview in Youtube “The Fight for Generation Next”. He is a very interesting persona in his own right. Coupland worked for a telecomms company early in his career, before switching to full time writing.


Come to realize lately..

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You know what?

I was excited to see a new follower for Jukkasoft! Thank you so much, and welcome aboard!

This place is the “diary” of my thoughts, which have been for the past umm.. 20? years been somewhat devoted to digitalization and effortless participation in the thing we call society.

Jetpack search coming up

I read today actually for the first time about a nifty feature that could be turned on. It would make the searching easier on all of the articles so far on my blog. This will be considered! It’s called Jetpack Search, and I already tried it a bit – but needs more configuring. I guess my fingers are a bit thawed, or the theme I use doesn’t just have the placeholder that would enable a simple “fire and forget” attitude with turning on the search widget. Anyhow, with a 10 minute attempt this morning I haven’t yet had luck seeing the Jetpack search alive. I’ll do it. That’s a promise.

This post comes just out of no particular plan or reason. What I’ve come to realize just lately is that…

  • I can’t believe I just said that. Yes. It’s true, though. 🙂

Things going on in Life, since last post on Jukkasoft


  • amazing number of activity while we spent holidays in very un-Finnish hot August ’18
  • Linnanmäki trip was superb! (Linus featured in image)
  • decision to quit sugar as much as possible – good vibes about this.
  • kept fit very well, overall – I still manage to do physical exercise, though it’s not that explicit. More of the everyday kind. A few weeks ago I checked iPhone telling me I was walking 50 km a week out of no particular reason
  • still really nice to bike between home and railway station, we’ve not yet had miserable September cold rain showers
  • the Guys started hobbies, Samu plays finnish baseball and Linus is in a football team
  • first autumn flu / stomach bug zapped, though it did last for a few days