Microserfs (a sort of book review 2018)

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Microserfs I read the book a long time ago, perhaps somewhere around 2000. (Oh that magic turn-of-the-millennium IT hype!) Just recently a black plastic bag arrived in my mail — with the Amazon’ish “address and content” label printed on it. My hands were almost trembling. The excitement of getting a new look at this legendaryContinue reading “Microserfs (a sort of book review 2018)”

Come to realize lately..

Reading Time: 2 minutes You know what? I was excited to see a new follower for Jukkasoft! Thank you so much, and welcome aboard! This place is the “diary” of my thoughts, which have been for the past umm.. 20? years been somewhat devoted to digitalization and effortless participation in the thing we call society. Jetpack search coming upContinue reading “Come to realize lately..”