MIT Solid, a primer – not yet description

Cybernetics and unified communications. Information age. Digital telepathy.

Ok, no telepathy. Let’s stick to real world. SOLID (project at MIT). A project backed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who was key discoverer and what more, the person who actually implemented some of the central software around HTTP, aka the protocol that makes possible what we see nowadays as the Web.

The Web is a information retrieval and transmission protocol built on top the fundamental workhorse of Internet, the TCP/IP protocols. Web is the pages, graphics, and code that comes from a server (running a HTTP server, or just ‘web server’ in plain English).

Well, what does SOLID aim for?

I discovered the whole thing only very recently. Tim Berner-Lee’s startup Inrupt is the embodification of the project (or something?) I also noticed there’s a Github repository for the technology itself!

What are the actual goals and deliverables? I don’t know yet. Let’s find out!

First, let’s watch this video:

Magna Carta for the Web (Youtube)


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