Bag of writer’s tricks – importance of adding an image

Reading Time: 2 minutes Adding an image to every blog post you put out is one of the fundamentals of SEO – search engine optimization. And SEO in turn is what gives your blog an audience. Anamnesis, please! Graph of views profile during 12 months I started doing a bit of learning of, and perhaps more importantly, taking action

SEO afterburning – A few words about site improvement

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s two things I want to reveal right now. It’s 25th December, 2018 – and I have a goal: beat my previous record of visits to the blog! This is so, so close – and it’s getting me whetted! Exciting! Second one is that the ‘SEO afterburning’ is a term I just made. I don’t

Book publication using blockchain

Reading Time: 1 minute Help wanted. Raw idea, very brainstormish: Book publication using blockchain – integrity of a story – the “checksum” mechanism is based on entropy of Finnish language – the story will be complete, when all its pieces have been delivered and reassembled – since the book (Teknovelho 1) is about Damocles, it is a nice trick