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Help wanted.

Raw idea, very brainstormish:

Book publication using blockchain

- integrity of a story
- the "checksum" mechanism is based on entropy of Finnish language
- the story will be complete, when all its pieces have been delivered
and reassembled
- since the book (Teknovelho 1) is about Damocles, it is a nice
trick to demonstrate also the technology described within as
the delivery mechanism of the book

algorithm of damocles in delivering a eBook (a natural language story)

- basic data unit = 1 line of text
- variable length lines
- max. line length = 80 (arbitrary limit)
- the original text is split into chunks
- the "whole book delivered?" boolean is calculated by using
verification algorithm

- first encrypt the book from orginal text
- deliver the fragment to recipient
- recipient knowing the
- algorithm used
- can decrypt (verify) their own version of the book
- story cannot be altered
- the writer can stream the book "interleaved" if necessary
- encryption does not mean enciphering, but merely that
the whole story cannot be claimed to be received

encryption of the book

- use chaining algorithm
- is a key needed, or NOT?
- if key is needed, author has the encryption key
- make the enciphered text using algorithm E(p,k)
- the original corpus needs to be complete before encryption can happen

decryption of the book

- get all cipher text blocks
- assemble the book by verification
- calculate the checksum of the whole assembled (candidate)
- looks exactly like Damocles described within the book

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