Reliable Linux process identification 1/3: Concepts

Reading Time: < 1 minute TL;DR takeaway: properly used, processes in Linux are powerful control over what happens in the computer. Knowledge of process control can be used to: trim the performance, security and redundancy of a computer system ..but the key is to be able to precisely and reliably identify a process Justifying our interests We could actually endContinue reading “Reliable Linux process identification 1/3: Concepts”

Learning basics of Animation in Blender

Reading Time: 2 minutes This article is for You: you know Blender this much: how to move around, create objects; go to the Edit mode for twiddling with the individual points (vertices) of meshes of your chosen Objects, and render still images. But you don’t exactly know how to make animation. What are the minimum things needed to animateContinue reading “Learning basics of Animation in Blender”