Import city buildings as 3D to Blender from Openstreetmap

Reading Time: 2 minutes Buildings in 3D! I recently figured out there’s a fantastic addon to Blender which can import buildings from Openstreetmap data. The result is that you can visualize a real city, or augment it with your own 3D additions. The possibilities are endless. download the importer script go to the Openstreetmap web site select an area

Programming in assembly

Reading Time: 4 minutes Assembly is the programming language closest to a CPU. ‘Closest’ here means that the keywords in the language translate 1:1 into instructions done by the CPU. With other (higher lever) languages, there’s either an interpreter or compiler which unpacks the language and generates usually quite significantly higher number of instructions when the code is to

Reliable Linux process identification, pt 2/3: Ideas

Reading Time: 3 minutes Multicore world – does it complicate things? Current chips, or at least the main computing units (CPUs), are made up of many cores. Some of the reasons are beyond the scope of this article. Mainly there are factors that affect the total throughput of a processor, and the thermal factors… (physical heat generation). Lowering the