Still room for Future Email System?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I wrote a piece of text about personal information management, some 14 years ago. The term PIM, back then, was a hot trend. PIM was referring to the technology that could handle your calendar, email, and any other messaging needs – plus any pieces of information that you simply needed to have always available. LongContinue reading “Still room for Future Email System?”

The Discoball analysis of WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting SEO wrong is probably quite easy. That’s not a bold statement. This is – in addition to the rather fancy project name, Discoball: I had blogged for 10 years, until I had a glimpse into the reality that my content wasn’t exactly “selling”. Here. Raw diary of how I: discovered the status quo inContinue reading “The Discoball analysis of WordPress”

Voluntary state of happiness

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the age that we currently live, we are approaching 400 years since the beginning of an other era – the Age of Enlightenment; also known as Age of Reason, that era was considered time of great advancement especially in Western world. During Age of Enlightenment science and generally the knowledge of mathematical-logical thinking spreadContinue reading “Voluntary state of happiness”

Wildfire apps – 21st Century Doc explains

Reading Time: 3 minutes Old kind of design just won’t cut it in the fast-paced, extremely competitive world of post-2100s. This simple recipe will give you power to facing software solution dilemmas in 2499AD. Hold on to your hats! Let’s dive in! The world is filled and fuelled with ideas and implementations, so the way these are going toContinue reading “Wildfire apps – 21st Century Doc explains”