Project Manager 2.0

Reading Time: < 1 minute Project managers! Holy soft! Look at that energy! What kind of things such a creature do? Here’s my bet: communicate! communicate! understand stuff (mandatory) set goal, set the path – have a discussion – and then shut up. Let the team resolve and get excited. visualize and explore new vistas ask to understand, if youContinue reading “Project Manager 2.0”

A war simulation as Teaching path for Python

Reading Time: 2 minutes I haven’t much done games – as in programming them! During 1990s I did one, called ‘Space Shrapnel’ (finnish Avaruusromua), where a spacecraft has to be navigated through a random asteroid field – a side scrolling action game. Although a very simple game, it was quite much fun doing it! I wrote the game inContinue reading “A war simulation as Teaching path for Python”

Next 13 years: Building Information Societies 2020 onwards

Reading Time: 6 minutes What would the essence of a truly futuristic, perfect information society be? computers AI optoelectronics the Internet digital, intelligent mobile networks smartphone software (apps) but before anything else, satisfaction and accessibility: technology being useful and understandable to people. I have been fascinated by application of technology, especially the possibilities of communications together with high-tech (IT),Continue reading “Next 13 years: Building Information Societies 2020 onwards”

ReactJS – philosophy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s review why ReactJS became rather popular! Its philosophy can be summed as: write components concentrate on one task at hand your button is a button is a button tight isolation of the internals of a component say goodbye to most variable hoisting bugs in your code! use raw JavaScript, JSX or TypeScript if youContinue reading “ReactJS – philosophy”

My specs for a Pi-hole adwasher device

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was yesterday that Linus’ tech channel video kindly introduced me the idea of a Pi-hole. It’s a Raspberry Pi -based gadget that makes web surfing less painful, by removing a lot of the ads present in apps and web pages. power switch UPS backup power from 9V battery or similar, if required for gracefulContinue reading “My specs for a Pi-hole adwasher device”